In 2017, Cole Williams realized that simple human storytelling could help people see their circumstances from a different perspective. His vision led to the creation of the Delta Project team – a group of people committed to amplifying the stories of students caught in the cycle of incarceration.


Cole is a motivational speaker, fatherhood consultant, facilitator, and the CEO and Founder of “Son To A Father” and “Cole Speaks,” programs that work to empower and restore relationships between boys and men of color. Most importantly, Cole is a father to seven sons. Cole serves as a teacher inside the Kent County Juvenile Detention Center where he provides life-skills training for adolescent male residents.


Joel and Cole served together on a non profit board and developed a friendship that led to discussions about media, communications, and how to orchestrate impact with people who need guidance to find their way. Joel’s experience in communications, public relations, digital media and design thinking helps channel ideas into reality. His passion for the Delta Project helps drive the vision into the future.


Eric is a founding partner at Gorilla, a nationally recognized creative studio focused on human centered storytelling. His passion for the Delta Project is inspired by his four boys: three adopted and one biological. He is compelled to see the world through their eyes–a lens which has revealed vast inequalities, and which inspires him to advocate for issues of equality. His creative leadership helps the Delta Project tell stories of empowerment and empathy.


Caton joined the Delta Project as a Gorilla producer. As the team's production leader he is responsible for all manner of tasks crucial to the project’s success; including filmmaker recruitment, behind the scenes training, and quality control. His production skills are second only to his capacity to encourage and inspire the young men of the Delta Program. He is one of the team’s most vocal champions and a source of energy and inspiration for all involved.


Cameron was recruited to help design and build the The Delta Project’s web experience. As the owner of Emberly Digital, his role is to ensure that the project’s vision is able to flourish in an online space. His professionalism and attention to detail quickly led the team to find an online framework for the project’s unique form of storytelling. He was undoubtedly the project’s quickest recruit, insisting within minutes that he wanted to be involved!

Delta Project Team Member David Turpen Headshot


David volunteered his services after learning about the project in an episode of the “A Little More Human” podcast produced by Eric Johnson and Caton Vance. As a professional video editor, animator and storyteller; David transforms the raw footage from the interviews into our featured episodes. Through meaningful dialogue, he hopes to open the audience's eyes to the issues of in-equality, and empower the young men of the program to reach their full potential.


The Kent County Juvenile Detention Center works with The Delta Program to help young men reconnect with the community. We appreciate their partnership with The Delta Project as we work to tell the story of their residents.


We’d like to thank everyone who has poured their heart and soul into The Delta Project, including:

Tyler Grimm
Tyler Hollman
Grant Floering
Kyle Campbell
Jeff Sukes
Jason Grinde
Eric Heemstra
Jake Weibel
Gayle DeBruyn
Chloe Malmquist
Dani Dillon